After our 3 Days with SHiFT program in New Jersey, I spent this past weekend in New York City.  While the City is always beautiful, for me, this time being there was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  As I walked through Central Park (that’s where these photos were taken), I felt so alive with excitement and so connected to my surroundings.

The last time I visited New York City in 2012, my trip was all about food and eating.  I weighed over 300 pounds and every part of my life was out of control because of my food addiction.  I was in financial bankruptcy.  I couldn’t afford where I was living so I was madly trying to find a new home.  My career was in shambles and all I could think about was what I was going to eat next, how fat I was, what people thought of me and how could I sneak away to be in “peace with my food.”  Even though I was surrounded by beautiful scenery and visited historic locations, I didn’t see or experience any of it.

This time not only has my life completely changed for the better, but I was able to enjoy walking through Central Park where I actually saw the beautiful changing leaves and the historic landmarks.  In addition to being able to walk comfortably and move freely around, I truly enjoyed the Broadway shows, the museums, and observing the sights and sounds of the biggest U.S. City.

All of this reminded me of the miracle of my recovery and I am grateful for that.  Even more, I am blessed to have a life I could never have imagined.  All the other times when I went to New York City, I didn’t even know that the life I have today existed.  All I knew was that I was desperately miserable and deeply depressed.

Today, my life is a miracle.  I invite you to IMAGINE the miracles in your life!