Food Addiction: Group Support

“Thank you from the depth of my heart for giving me this beautiful experience with so much hope and for being a part of saving my life.”

“I feel so blessed to have found ACORN and to have the support I needed to do my work. The intensives and 3-Days have moved me further along in my recovery journey at a deeper level than I could have done in 12-Step meetings. I am most grateful.”

“The skilled and sacred healing space that is held an ACORN event is a rare gem.”

“I was supported back to the truth of this addiction.”

“The clear and kind feedback helped me see where this disease lives in my psyche I feel so grateful to see the truth of this addiction and know that without the structure of program – a relationship with God – I will forget that I have this disease.”

“I am so grateful and honored to have had this experience. Thank you so much for developing, organizing, planning, tweaking those plans, and for facilitating our little community in this house and in Vancouver/Seattle.”

“ACORN has given me the skills to live life on life’s terms. Phil Werdell and Mary Foushi are brilliant, selfless and dedicated pioneers in changing the world for the better.”

“What a gift of intense love, support and focus. Deep work, deep connection, wonderful abstinent food and amazing fellowship. Thank you! I love my expanded recovery family.”

“Deeply moving and life changing experience. I received so, so much more than I ever expected.”

“Once again ACORN work has taken me to a new deeper understanding of my food addiction and my powerlessness over food. Every time I come here I strip away a layer of my denial and there is always more work to do!”

“The Professional Training was the most powerful experience yet for me! Being with other professionals committed to helping still suffering food addicts brought me to a new level of honesty, vulnerability and abstinence. Thank you so much for that wonderful gift!”

“ACORN understands and supports recovery in the food addict that I have never experienced elsewhere”.

“I am so grateful to be led into recovery by such people of integrity, who also walk the walk daily. I have been given my life back.”

“ACORN is a safe place to be rigorously honest no matter what I’m going through. The staff (Phil and Mary) are unconditionally loving, and gently and lovingly encourage me to grow. Thank you, ACORN, for helping me with my abstinence and recovery for the past two decades!”

ACORN is the only place I can come to stay that helps me with my abstinence, isn’t as expensive as treatment, and helps me with my issues. I’d recommend it to anyone seeking serenity.

“ACORN, its staff and attendees, do for me what I could never do for myself. They support my abstinence, my God recovery and fellowship in no way that I could get anywhere else.”

“I just want to say thanks for the help you gave me at my first intensive in April in Ocean City. I was unhappy when you said I’d benefit from three more intensives, but you sure were right! I surrendered and went to three more. Now I have over nine months of abstinence, a good sponsor, the excellent tool of the slip inventory and a newly launched ACORN support group here in Richmond. I am very grateful.”

“Being at the ACORN Intensive was a very tender experience. It helped me to understand my food addiction on a whole new level and to study the 1st step very deeply. I have a whole new awareness of what “surrender” is that I know will support me for the rest of my life. I have been looking for this work for 25 years. I am so happy we finally found each other!”

“This primary intensive helped me gain clarity as well as solid abstinence. I have a far better understanding of the disease of food addiction than I ever did before.”

“Attending the intensive has been an invaluable experience. I was able to detox and begin building a foundation for my recovery.”

“I feel safe here.”

“ACORN work helps to peel off layers of the disease of food addiction.”

“ACORN was suggested to me many months ago. I listened but did not hear what was said. I did not trust that the person telling me about it was credible. After months of her talking, I became willing and surrendered. Relapse and Recovery was the first workshop followed by an intensive. ‘I can’t go, I can’t do this, I don’t want to, yada, yada, yada.’ I was willing (Step 1). I didn’t have money… I asked for help. How humbling. God saw fit for this to be doable. I came. I became clear. Once here, I came to my senses (Step 2). I was shocked. Again, God was doing for me what I could not do for myself. And then, I made a decision (Step 3) to stay on for another workshop. God, thy will, not mine, be done.”

“When I had nowhere else to go, ACORN was there to greet me with open arms. They loved me before I could love myself. Thank you.”

“I thought doing a second Primary Intensive within the same 3 months would be repetitive. But each intensive was so unique because I was at a different place in my recovery and did new work with new people. I plan to do a third Primary Intensive this year.”

“ACORN is the only place that understands me: low bottom, high maintenance food addict. They are an example of recovery.”

“The know-it-all in me needed a Relapse Prevention weekend and it was a gift to advance my recovery. I saw more character assets and liabilities, which make me human and can help me advance on the Broad Highway.”

“At this event I learned that I need more structure and support before I’m faced with some of my triggers; that the disease made me eat and I’m not a “bad” person. This is my fifth ACORN event. I have been encouraged to face the truth about myself and then learn how to utilize tools to help me remain abstinent. Relapse does not mean failure. It means I need more structure and support to get through whatever I may be facing in life at that time. I don’t have to start over; I pick up and keep on going. I find a renewed commitment and strength within myself after attending an ACORN event.”

“My work these 3 days has strengthened my commitment to abstinence. I’ve enlarged my support group. I had fun and worked hard. It’s great to separate myself from my family, daily responsibilities and distractions, and focus on my recovery. I’ve had a history of bulimia, and little long-term abstinence prior to coming to ACORN. Today I have 60 days of abstinence.”

“The Relapse Prevention Workshop was incredibly valuable for me as I had been in a 6-week off-and-on relapse after four months of stable abstinence. I regained my abstinence and developed a relapse prevention plan to get me through the holidays and help me stabilize in my recovery.”

“If you need more support than a food-focused 12-step group, ACORN is an excellent resource for stable abstinence and freedom from the bondage of food, diet, weight, bingeing/purging, and anorexia.”

“Anyone who has hit bottom in their food addiction should turn to ACORN to lift their life in a new direction.”

“I feel blessed to meet new friends in recovery at each ACORN event I attend. ACORN has been a life-changing experience.”

“ACORN leaves me with a deeper sense of gratitude and helps me connect with my feelings.”