For those struggling with food addiction, treatment is often necessary. As with treatment for all addictions, recovery begins with high levels of support. Oftentimes, a residential setting is needed in order to get away from the stumbling blocks of daily life. A person recovering from food addiction may require the help of skilled professionals in order to deal with difficult emotions and underlying issues.

Recovering from food addiction also requires ongoing support with food — how to eat abstinently, when to eat, etc. These and many other needs make treatment programs for food addiction a valuable way to kickstart or strengthen a person’s recovery.

At SHiFT, we want to offer you the best chances for success at living free from food addiction, one day at a time. If you are new to SHiFT – Recovery by Acorn, we welcome you to our SHiFT Intensive Treatment Program. This program includes the Acorn Intensive, a powerful 7-day residential program, followed by approximately 10 weeks of home-based aftercare.

The Virtual Aftercare Outpatient Program is open to all Acorn Intensive participants. However, those returning to SHiFT may also attend the Acorn Intensive on its own. In just 7 days in this therapeutic setting, most participants undergo profound shifts in their relationship with food.

We also offer 3 Days with SHiFT weekend recharge programs for you to deepen your recovery as you progress.

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