Are you struggling with food addiction? We can help.

Welcome to SHiFT – Recovery by Acorn.

SHiFT – Recovery by Acorn has been providing effective treatment for food dependency for over 30 years. A leader in the groundbreaking field of food addiction treatment, SHiFT – Recovery by Acorn is committed to supporting people to lift themselves out of the depths of food obsession.

At SHiFT, we understand the torment of binge eating, dieting, gaining and losing weight, bulimia, anorexia, and preoccupation with food. Whether the consequences of your food addiction are obesity, diabetes, or the mental anguish of addiction, we understand.

Many believe that diet and weight loss issues are a problem of willpower and self-control. In fact, food addiction is a brain disease just like drug and alcohol addiction. SHiFT brings decades of experience in treating eating disorders from an addiction-based model.

Changing what and how we eat is a tricky process for those who are addicted. Over time, the abuse of certain foods actually changes the brain in ways that make abstinence from “trigger foods” very difficult — even for those who desperately want to stop.

Others may not understand food addiction. Every day in casual conversation we hear, “I’m a junk food junkie,” “I’m a chocoholic,” “I need a sugar fix.” It may be hard for some people to take food addiction seriously. But if you are struggling with food addiction, you know how deadly serious it is. From diabetes, to morbid obesity, social isolation, bulimia, mental and emotional problems, and more, the road can be long and painful.

SHiFT provides successful treatment for food addiction using cutting-edge solutions modelled after drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Spanning three decades, we have worked with thousands of people struggling with binge eating disorder, compulsive overeating, bulimia, anorexia, and other eating disorders. The transformations are awe-inspiring. We are passionate about guiding you out of the shackles of food addiction and into a productive life that you never imagined possible.

Whether you are just beginning your recovery journey, have long-term recovery, or are in relapse, we have several ways to help. SHiFT Recovery programs include our signature SHiFT 8 Week Program, the Acorn Intensive, our 3 Days with SHiFT recharge, Alumni Weekend programs and  1:1 Accountability Coaching and Counseling.

At SHiFT, we understand the struggle of food addiction, both personally and professionally. There is hope. We are committed to bringing you a life of freedom from food obsession.

Join us to discover a whole new way of living. Join us to discover the SHiFT: Sobriety, Hope, Freedom, and Transformation.