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The Missing Piece in Response to the Obesity Epidemic: Diagnosing and Treating Food Addiction

The Missing Piece in Response to the Obesity Epidemic: Diagnosing and Treating Food Addiction

1st Annual Food Addiction Conference Downloadable / Viewable Reference Documents Food Addiction Treatment – Background Chart – Normal Eater, Emotional Eater, Food Addict Food Addiction Progression and Recommended Actions Compulsive and or Binge Eating Brochure (UMASS) Resource Sheet – Emotional Eating, Compulsive / Binge Eating and Food Addiction Keynote – Food Addiction Treatment: A Missing… Continue Reading

Anorexia & Food Addiction

Anorexia & Food Addiction

© Phil Werdell, M.A. The common image of food addicts is that they are overweight. A majority of those for whom the disease of food addiction has progressed certainly are obese – and/or morbidly (i.e., life threateningly) obese. Yet there are many food addicts who are a normal weight. Some of these healthy looking food… Continue Reading

Cross Addictions

© Phil Werdell, M.A. The Problem of Cross Addictions Let us begin by looking at the easier part of the problem: food addicts who are cross addicted and already abstinent and in recovery from other chemical dependent substances. Three of those most frequently encountered are nicotine, alcohol and street drugs. Smokers and Food Addiction A… Continue Reading

Binge Eating Disorders & Food Addiction

© Phil Werdell, M.A. Compulsive Overeating vs. Food Addiction It is frequently difficult to distinguish between “compulsive overeating” and “food addiction,” especially since many recovering people as well as the professionals who support them use the terms interchangeably. At ACORN, we have come to use the terms “compulsive eating” and “addiction to food” to define… Continue Reading

Bulimia & Food Addiction

Food addiction begins with physical craving, evolves into mental obsession, and, ultimately, becomes a whole life of spiritual illness. It is also a physical disease of chemical dependency upon one or more foods or on volumes of food in general. Bulimia is a psychological illness, a mental-emotional problem usually rooted in unresolved trauma from before… Continue Reading