What are “July Jewels”?


July Jewels are each and every one of us. That’s right – You’re a gem!


Why is that?


Let’s use the analogy of a Diamond.


Diamonds are formed under pressure, and under intense heat. This is not an easy formation. Not only that, but it can take over 1 Billion years (Yes, with a B) for them to form naturally in these conditions.


Now how does this relate to recovery? 


You are the diamond, in fact we all are.


Recovery is not easy, it is extremely trying and will test the best of us, but it is our recovery that forms us into the shining diamonds that we are, and enables us to live a life we didn’t believe was possible.

Now recovery may not take 1 Billion years like the formation of a diamond does, however it is a lifelong process of working at it every day and adding tools/knowledge along the way. We get to experience the richness in life and persevere all because of our recovery. How great is that? When things feel rough or challenging, we need to remind ourselves of the beautiful life in recovery that we have worked so hard to craft.


This month is all about celebrating the incredible life that is enabled by recovery, and highlighting what our recovery allows us to do!


What does your recovery enable you to do?

Whether it’s being able to focus more on your family, spending more time being active outdoors, cooking healthy meals… we want to know!

Let us know at: Contact@foodaddiction.com for a chance to be featured on our social platforms!