Karla likes to garden.

Tracy enjoys a good walk.

Mary is willing to lift weights.

Phil can really dance.

It’s Active August and our SHiFT team members are getting in the spirit! Now it’s your turn to get going! At SHiFT, we have designated August as the month to get out and get moving. Now, is the time! While we don’t necessarily mean what many think of as exercise, we do know that moving our bodies helps us to feel better physically and psychologically.

For some who are food dependent, this can be a real challenge. Being creative can help with this. If running is not possible then take a walk. If you are not yet able to walk too much then try seated stretches. Swimming is also a great way to move your body and have fun.

While these are all good suggestions, it’s worth taking a few minutes to think about what types of activities you enjoy or would like to try. In recovery, I love to ride my bicycle and kayak. When I’m doing these things, I’m not thinking about how many calories I’m burning. I’m just enjoying what I’m doing.

Walking in the forest is also one of my favorite activities. I can get lost in looking at nature while walking without thinking about my body movement.

For many who are food dependent, the idea of moving our bodies needs to be SHiFTed. We need to think about enjoying the feeling of movement rather than the effort it takes or how hard it will be. The longer we are in recovery the easier body movement becomes.

So, as we move into August, take a few minutes to move your body and post a picture on our Facebook page!