Why am I so tired?

Why do I have such a bad headache? 

Why does my body ache? 

Why am I so irritable?

These are some of the questions those who enter our programs ask. Usually, these questions come up after following our food plan.

The answer to all of these questions is one simple yet sometimes confusing word: DETOX.

Is detox real?

While most of us are familiar with the idea of detoxing from alcohol and drugs, detoxing from food substances isn’t as well known and some don’t believe it’s actually real.

As with alcohol and drug detox, there are certain side effects that come with putting down a substance that your body is physically dependent on.  With food, these substances are usually sugar, flour, wheat and fat.

Though detox from food substances is different for everyone, there are some common side effects that we observe regularly.  The most common is feeling tired which is followed by having head and body aches. Irritability, anger, depression, and sadness are also experienced by some who are in withdrawal.

In general, withdrawal side effects can last up to three weeks but usually lessen by the end of the first week as long as those substances are not put back into your body.  Read that last part again:  as long as those substances are not put back into your body.

If someone who is food dependent puts these substances back into their body, they will be starting the withdrawal “clock” all over again and prolonging their withdrawal side effects.  In other words, they are making the side effects last even longer than if they had kept those substances out of their bodies.

To answer the question in this post:  YES, DETOX IS REAL!  Though it may be misunderstood and oftentimes overlooked by those beginning a food dependency program, detox is very real.  And the good news is that it will pass and everyone who continues to follow their plan has told us that they feel better than they ever thought possible!