I’m thinking about miracles this week!  With our Acorn Intensive in Florida staring on October 11 and the one in Vancouver just recently over, I’ve been even more aware than usual of the miracles that happen in early recovery. I am truly honored to see miracles every day but they are especially obvious when I watch how much food addicts change during our week-long programs.

For example, the biggest miracle most food addicts experience when they come to our Intensives is a profound sense of relief. With all of the confusing information about weight loss out there, they believe they are weak and lacking willpower. It’s an enormous relief for them to discover that there’s a physical reason for the overwhelming desire to eat they experience.

Along with this, another miracle we see is genuine gratitude that there is a solution to this life-long issue. Usually by the time they come to us, most food addicts have tried too many weight-loss programs for them to even remember. They are completely defeated and have given up all hope of ever having a different life.  Our program is the last chance and for some, the last option before taking drastic action to end their lives.

To see people who once had no hope whatsoever SHiFT into genuine joy and gratitude is the greatest miracle I have ever experienced. This SHiFT into Sobriety, Hope, Freedom, and Transformation is usually profound and swift.

Take a few minutes today to think about the miracles in your life.  I know you won’t be sorry you did!