Welcome to Jubilant June!

I know what you’re asking yourself… “What does Jubilant” mean?”

Jubilant is defined as feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

Now how does Jubilance relate to recovery?


We asked our team at SHiFT to describe what “Jubilant June” means to them in the context of recovery:



When we first started talking about “Jubilant June”, I was reminded of the part in the big book on page 132 where it says: “We are not a glum lot, if newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn’t want it! We absolutely insist on enjoying life.” 

When I first got abstinent for my 100th try after surviving relapse, I thought.. “life will not be worth living, if I don’t have my food I’m going to be depressed, I’m going to feel deprived.. Why even go on?”

What I found by getting abstinent and getting/staying connected with people, working with the steps, I found a life that I never believed possible. There is so much joy, so much happiness, and so much jubilance in life today! I hope you are experiencing Jubilant June with us and sharing in the joy!



It’s Jubilant June. What does that mean to me?

Well for me, it means that I have found great joy in a way of living that allows me to triumph over this disease of compulsive eating one day at a time.

It gives me joy in that I can move my body in ways that it never could before, that I can do things that I could never do, I can go places, and it’s given me great new friendships. All these things are cause for great joy within me, and I am so so grateful for my recovery because, wow it has just transformed my life and given me great joy!



What does Jubilant June mean to me?

What goes on for me in the context of my recovery is that I’m reminded of being very shut off from my feelings and my body, and sort of running a low grade misery that I didn’t even realize was there for most of my life. Now, coming in contact with my body and being sober, I’m able to really connect with the happiness, the joy that is involved in my recovery as well as the feeling of pride which I think goes into jubilance right? It’s happiness and triumph!

How I experience that is, I feel very open-hearted. I get to feel this quite a bit actually in recovery, I get to feel a lot of the happiness that really wasn’t part of my life before. I was shut off to it, I was miserable, I was in the food, or whatever else I was up to. It was missing from my life and I didn’t know it was, actually. In recovery, I feel proud, I feel happy and I feel connected with other people. So, for those of us that are in recovery, we might be able to reflect on the same thing!


We hope that you experience Jubilance this month! Check back on our social platforms for more themed content throughout the month.