Happy Earth Day! This is such an important day to celebrate the incredible planet we live on and remind ourselves to all be conscious of our decisions every day. Our daily decisions with food, transportation, and more directly impact our sustainable future on this planet and we all must do our part to ensure that is the case.

This week, we asked our staff the question…


“How are you kinder to the earth as a result of your recovery?”


Here’s what they had to say:



Before recovery, I really never thought about the “Earth” or my impact on it. In recovery, I want to respect the Earth the same way that I respect my body. I eat healthy, nourishing food and recycle to the best of my ability. I eat low on the food chain and that helps reduce my carbon footprint. I try not to buy a lot of things that I don’t need. And when I see trash on the ground, I bend over, pick it up, and thank my Higher Power that my body still works as well as it does. Bringing grateful energy to the planet can help heal us all!!!!



As a result of my recovery I am more aware of and present with nature. 

As a result of my recovery I have the energy and will to take care of my little corner of the world – recycling, limited use of plastics and products with harsh chemicals, changing how I behave as a consumer. When I was in the food none of this mattered to me. 



I no longer litter by throwing boxes and bags from my binges out the car window.

I rarely throw away spoiled food – especially fruits and vegetables – because I actually eat the food I buy.

I recycle when before I didn’t care about anything beyond myself.

Recovery allows me to think about the future and the world I inhabit rather than thinking only about my next food fix.

Life used to be all about ME and what I wanted. Since recovery, I am able to look beyond my wants and needs and care about those around me.



When I was in active addiction I was constantly consuming. I had several wardrobes because my body size was always changing, I supported the tobacco and alcohol industries through my consumption, I was constantly shopping- looking for external validation that I was OK- everything had to “look right”, and of course I was always seeking more hyperpalatable food.

Now my food is simple and my life is simple. Through recovery I have the space to be more thoughtful about how I use my resources. Instead of being in self-obsession, I am concerned with my impact on others as well as my impact on the bigger picture (including our beautiful world).

My answer to this question may seem broad… I believe that in recovery I am more in alignment with our natural world, including the beings that inhabit it. I am more available to care about something other than myself and my behavior is informed by that love.



Because I plan my food ahead of time daily and weekly I use less food.

They say that addiction is a “disease of needing more”. In recovery, I need less, I use less and my life is bigger and more fulfilling.


It is amazing to see all the different perspectives on how their individual experiences help the planet in one way or the other. All this to say, abstinence is a conscious approach to not only eating, but life in general. It is calculated, it is thoughtful, and as a result we are kinder to our beautiful earth.

To learn more, or to see how you can do your part for Earth Day, click the link below:

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