Before you start asking yourself why we’ve done a basketball theme this month, hear us out.

Did you know that every 2 tablespoons of Ketchup has 8 grams of sugar? That’s about the same amount as a large chocolate chip cookie.

How about every 100g of vanilla yogurt having 4 teaspoons of sugar? Isn’t yogurt supposed to be healthy?!


Check out this article to see more examples of this:


The food industry is madness. The amount of sugar hidden in everyday foods that are marketed as “healthy” is alarming to say the least. We need to dive deeper into the ingredients in the foods at the supermarket as we cannot take the “Healthy” or “Low-fat” labels at face value. It is important to remember that these companies are not trying to make you healthy – they are trying to sell you a product. This month we will aim to showcase some of these examples, and hopefully help educate you on the food industry and some of their deceptive practices.

One of these practices is the manipulation of serving size. Companies will mislead you into thinking something is better for you than it actually is by diving the contents up into smaller portions than an individual would normally eat and showing those nutritional numbers. For example, a muffin could be divided up into 3 servings on the nutritional label, where in reality it would be an outlier for someone to eat ⅓ of a muffin and put it down for another sitting.


In addition to the above tactic, advertisers can manipulate the serving size to show lower sugar or fat content numbers, while then turning around and claiming: “Now with 25% less fat!” This is incredibly misleading and disingenuous.


We hope you get some value out of this month, and that it inspires you to take a closer look at what is in the foods you and your family have around the house.


What madness have you seen in the food industry?