By this point, you have probably seen our #JumpingJanuary hashtag going around and might be wondering to yourself what is Jumping January all about?


Jumping January is a dual-purpose theme. 


We all know the phrase “New Year, New Me.” While we absolutely do celebrate the notion behind using the turn of the new year to reflect internally and set goals for ourselves, we didn’t want to be exclusive to those kick starting their recovery.

Jumping January aims to celebrate those who are brand new to their recovery journey, jumping back into their recovery, while also acknowledging those who have been going steady and are reaffirming their existing program and direction. Starting your path to recovery is tough; staying in recovery is also tough and we want to express our admiration for both equally. It’s never too late to make the jump (no matter how large) and start towards your recovery one step at a time. It’s also never too late to jump your program up to another level.


What are some ways you can “Jump” this January?


Plan ahead – Commit your food daily.

Incorporate daily movement into your routine – Stretch, go for a walk.

Practice self care – Read a book, get sufficient rest, meditate.

Increase support – Call your sponsor, join support groups & programs, ask for help.


Whether you are taking the first step on your path to recovery, or jumping things up to the next level, Jumping January is all about reaffirming your commitment to recovery, putting systems in place, and creating routine to ensure that you have a happy and healthy year.


What are you doing to jump this January?