Thanksgiving is always a challenging time for us. As much as we tell ourselves that it is just another day, it is very much another obstacle that presents itself for us to overcome.

There are many obstacles in recovery, and it is a marathon, not a sprint. Some obstacles are big and some are small. Some will be easier to overcome, while others can test you to the extreme.

We need to understand that there will be constant obstacles and challenging times in recovery. Whether they are more predictable trying times such as holidays, or days out of the blue that test you, we should always be prepared and looking forward. We need to keep our eyes on the bigger picture.

Let’s use an analogy of hurdles:

You are running a long distance race around a track, keeping a steady pace.

Suddenly, a hurdle appears. It takes some strength and courage, especially for the first one, but you leap over it and feel accomplished.

Although you feel fantastic about what you’ve just done, you understand that there will be another hurdle in your near future, and keep your focus on what is to come.

Now that you’ve done a hurdle, you know the drill.

When the time comes for the next hurdle, foreseen or not, you will be prepared to leap over, just like you have done before.

If you do stumble, you will pick yourself up and leap over that next hurdle. Even Olympic athletes fall attempting to hurdle, before simply getting up and moving towards the next one.

Click here to watch an inspiring video of recovering from a hurdle fall, before finishing the race.

In this case, a hurdle represents a challenge in your life.

Whether it presents itself in the form of a day that is typically associated with food such as Thanksgiving, or simply a moment of struggle, these are tests and challenges that we can overcome. They will come, yet you will be prepared. 

Now that both Canadian and American Thanksgivings are over, we can keep the pace and be prepared for when the next hurdle inevitably appears.