Your Vote Counts!

Vote Now!

We’ve all heard these things many, many times over the past several weeks, even months. Yet, I’m guessing that most of us haven’t thought about how this relates to recovery from food dependency.

Being in recovery gives us a chance to be responsible citizens, friends, partners, workers and relatives in a way that is not possible when we are in our disease.

When food obsession fills our lives, we are not able to think past getting the next “fix.” Getting, making and hiding food become our obsessions. There is no room to think about anything else. And, if we have not yet hit a bottom, and can focus for small periods on other things, our heads are not clear enough to make responsible, informed decisions.

In our disease, the decisions we make are almost always based on what the most convenient course of action is that will allow us to keep bingeing. There are little or no thoughts about what will be best for our families, friends, communities, and world. If we do occasionally think about these things in our disease, most times we are not able to follow through with the actions we know are best.

Today, in recovery, all of that has changed. In recovery, we are able to understand that each one of us is special and that we all matter. Even if our opinions and views are different, we can express those views, or not express them, depending on the circumstances, in ways that are respectful.

Even more amazing, we acknowledge that today we matter, that our vote counts.  After years of beating ourselves up and believing that we were bad or immoral, we understand that we suffer from a disease.  We are not bad or wrong or less than anyone else and our vote counts.

Whether you are facing a municipal, provincial, federal or national election, get out and vote for your recovery!