Can you be serene in the middle of chaos?

I can hear some of you saying no!

Read this before you make a final decision. Even though the world is a chaotic place right now it is possible to be serene during this time. We do this by focusing on each minute and not letting the voices inside our head carry us away to a fearful place.

Of course, no one is denying that this is a frightening time. And it’s perfectly okay to feel the feelings that come up around this. There is a difference, however, in feeling our feelings and obsessing about them or the events going on in the world.

Once we feel our feelings, they are done and most times we are left feeling serene and maybe a little exhausted. Obsession is much different. It’s that tightness in our chest that says we must do something; that we must take action now. The thoughts that tell us nothing will ever be okay and we must make things better now.

The truth is that we have no power to change anything going on outside of us. We can only change our own attitudes and behaviors.

Serenity in the middle of chaos comes from knowing that whatever happens, things will be okay. Events may not turn out the way we’d like them to, or maybe they will, but either way deep down inside we know that we will have what we need to deal with what is put in front of us.  That’s serenity in the middle of chaos.

Together we can get through this SHiFT Strong! If you’re having a hard time finding serenity in the chaos, join us for our free daily SHiFT Strong Support Calls. You can find the schedule here. And most of all, know that we are in this together.

Wishing you abstinence and serenity!