I will never ever be able to stop eating. 

My life will never ever change. 

I will never ever lose weight.

These are the words of food addicts who have yet to find recovery. They are spoken in desperation and defeat. They are spoken by those who have given up all hope of ever eating normally and living a healthy life. They are spoken to us when we first meet.

It’s not possible for me to eat healthy food and feel satisfied.

It’s not possible for me to stop overeating. 

It’s not possible for other people to understand how important food is to me.

These words are spoken to us when food addicts first arrive at our programs desperate for help yet not believing that anything will work for them.  They are spoken in defiance by those who are not yet willing to make changes.

My life today is an absolute miracle! 

It’s an absolute miracle that I am able to eat healthy meals and feel full! 

I have experienced an absolute miracle that I didn’t even know was possible!

These words are spoken on the last day of our Acorn Intensive by those who now understand food addiction. They are spoken by those whose lives have been transformed in a way that they never could have imagined and most of all, they are spoken by food addicts in recovery on their way to an exciting new life!

The words belong to food addicts across the world, but the choice for your life is yours.