For many food addicts, the month of December can be quite a challenge.  Not only is it filled with several holidays but it also marks the end of another year.  For those still deep in their addiction, this can be a painful reminder of promises made and broken about losing weight or developing healthy eating habits.

For those in recovery, the holidays themselves may bring up feelings of loneliness or sadness.  Some may mourn the loss of their “best friend” food while others the loss of family members or friends who don’t quite understand the idea of not being able to eat just one of something.

For others, it may be a time of great sorrow as past holidays are remembered even idealized then compared to today.

Yet, for many it can be a time of great joy and gratitude for a life of recovery from food addiction.  It can be a time to develop non-food-related celebrations and self-care practices that nurture the healthy recovering person they’ve turned into.

Whatever it is that you’re feeling this month, know that feelings are PERIOD.  Feelings are is a full sentence, meaning that we don’t need to put judgments on our feelings but simply accept them as being true for us at this time and in this space.

Feelings can change from one second to the next, from one hour to the next and from one day to the next. And while we sometimes might not like what we’re feeling, it’s important to remember that feelings only have as much power as we give to them.

Quite acceptance of what we’re feeling results in serenity and the knowledge that all feelings pass while trying to force ourselves to change our feelings brings frustration and even anger.  Take a few minutes to consider which way works better for you to manage your feelings – accepting that feelings are or fighting to change them.  The choice is yours.