There’s still time!  Summer’s not over yet!  Even if you can’t get away for a week, take a day or even an hour to enjoy the sunshine this upcoming week.  The last week of August traditionally marks the end of summer as do the upcoming American Labor Day and Canadian Labour Day holidays.

At SHiFT, even though we are grateful and honored to do the work we do and see miracles happen in food addicts’ lives at our programs, most especially the Acorn Intensives, we recognize that rest and fun are equally as important as work.

Sometimes in our busy world, we can get caught up in believing we have to do everything and be everything to everyone.  Of course, this isn’t possible and though we may know it on an intellectual level, it’s much harder to understand it in our hearts.  As food addicts, we are used to obsessing.  Most of our obsessions before recovery were about food but there were others including worrying about our body size and how we were going to hide our addiction from the people in our lives.

In recovery, we learn to play and have fun.  At first, it may feel awkward and forced since it’s new to us but it’s important to carve out time so that we can grow used to having fun.  Bringing fun into our lives is an important and necessary part of recovery.  Fun allows us to relax, laugh and be in the moment in a way that other activities can’t.

So, take some time this upcoming week to have fun and enjoy the last days of summer!