Huge news, we have drastically reduced the cost of the 3 week Living in Recovery program!! 3 weeks only $2,900 and 2 weeks only $2,500.

We have heard you loud and clear about wanting longer food addiction recovery programs and are passionate about bringing you this pilot program. We have had great interest in the new program and would like to have your participation. We plan to make the Living In Recovery program a regular ACORN offering but we need you, our ACORN alumni, to help with the development.

Hope to see you there!

Phil, Mary & AmandaExciting New Program

Due to many requests, we are running a pilot 3 week residential program in
Bradenton, Florida June 4 – 24, 2017 with an option to attend an
ACORN Primary Intensive before and/or after.

This 3 week program will offer people an opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary to begin and maintain food dependency recovery.  The “Living in Recovery” program seeks to provide a supportive and structured experience in a less restrictive and “real world” setting.

The goal of the “Living In Recovery” 3 week program will be to enable participants to take home what they practice during their stay. In addition to using the most current evidence based treatments for food addiction recovery, we will provide participants with a “real-world” environment: they will stay in a residential home, grocery shop at the local markets, prepare their own meals following their individual, abstinence-based food plans; participate in 12 Step meetings, have a daily practice of journaling and writing, as well as attend scheduled daily process groups and educational talks.

This program is for you if …

  • You are struggling with your abstinence and recovery.
  • You have strong abstinence and want to work on deeper emotional issues.
  • You want more help with your most difficult recovery challenges.
  • You have persistent blocks to long-term stable recovery.

The recovery and transformations we have seen when people attend our shorter programs has been phenomenal; we are excited to see the miracles after this 3 week “Living In Recovery” program.

Please register quickly as there is limited space.

**You must have attended an ACORN Primary Intensive or 3 Days With Phil to attend this 3 week program.


Option #1:   3 week “Living In Recovery” program – $3,900 NOW $2,900
$1,300/week; includes lodging, does not include food

Option #2:   2 week “Living In Recovery” program – $3,000 NOW $2,500
$1,500/week; includes lodging, does not include food

Make this a 4 or 5 week program by including either one or both of the Primary Intensives, held May 26-31 and June 30-July 5.

Option #3:   One Primary Intensive plus 3 week program –  $5,300 NOW $4,300
Includes one Primary Intensive plus 3 week “Living In Recovery” program

Option #4:   Two Primary Intensives plus 3 weeks program – $6,300 NOW $5,300
Includes two Primary Intensives plus 3 week “Living In Recovery” program

Schedule: See the sample daily schedule Click Here

Location:  Sugar Free Place, 3018 Pine Street, Bradenton, FL 34208

Contact: Raynea McCumber 941-378-2122 or

Register Online: or call 941-378-2122