It was January of 2015. I was morbidly obese, incredibly depressed, hopeless and had no faith that anything would ever really change. I was resigned to being fat and miserable for the rest of my life. Which, as I was only 42, could be a long time, as long as my obesity related health concerns didn’t kill me sooner which was highly probable.

What I didn’t realize was that no matter what I promised or committed on January 1st of every year I would never be able to get my “weight issue” under control as I was a food addict. Meaning my body had become dependent on ingesting certain foods in order for it to function “normally”. This made it next to impossible for me to ever control what and how much I put in my mouth. So I was relieved when I found out I was addicted to certain foods, it made sense as I had literally tried everything to get my eating under control and lose weight and it never worked. Maybe it would work for a period of time however in the end it always resulted in me continuing to gain weight and be full of shame and guilt. It was a never-ending cycle of dieting and binging, feeling excited then scared, embarrassed and ashamed as I would slide back into the compulsive eating behaviors, thinking I’ve got this to thinking I am such a loser, I have no will power, what is wrong with me. I was relieved when I actually really did find out what was wrong with me and that it wasn’t that I was a weak-willed human being. What was even more exciting was that there was a solution. There was help and support….help and support that was different than I had ever received in my life  through the gyms, the nutritionists, the doctors, the weight loss surgery staff…the endless people I had reached out to to help me.

This was new information and it all made sense…and better yet it worked!! It worked in ways I never thought possible. Yes, I lost half of myself by releasing over 140 pounds and keeping it off (one day at a time). However, the changes that surprisingly have been more life changing are the internal changes, the changes in how I show up in the world, the changes in my thoughts, feelings and actions throughout the day. I have a lot more joy and gratitude every day, most days I get up and want to participate in the world…this is not what I was used to. Before I was in recovery from food addiction, I really just wanted to stay in bed, watch tv, eat food and shut out the rest of the world. I was miserable, sad, angry and obese. Today I can honestly say I am happy, joyous, grateful and physically healthy. I truly never believed this could ever happen to me, as I said I was resigned that I would be fat and miserable the rest of my life. However, that is not the case. I found a solution and now I work with people every day to help lift themselves up and out of the trenches of food obsession and addiction.

The program I went to for help was the ACORN Primary Intensive which has been supporting people with food addiction for over 25 years. This program saved my life, without a doubt. Which is why 4 years ago I decided to join their team and switch my focus as an addictions counselor who worked with drug and alcohol addiction to working with people struggling with food addiction.

The Primary Intensive is a 5 day residential program with an option to join a 30 day outpatient aftercare program making it 45 days total.

During the 5 day program you will:

  • Receive a delicious food plan based on your personal “binge” foods.
  • Be fed amazing home cooked meals prepared by a food addict in recovery.
  • Stay in a residential neighborhood in a comfy home with others who are struggling with the same things you are.
  • Learn exactly what food addiction is during our educational groups and lecures.
  • Be led and supported by internationally recognized experts in the treatment of food addiction.
  • Learn new ways of “being’ in the world with your thoughts and feelings during our daily process groups.
  • Be surrounded by staff that have their own personal battles and victories with food addiction.
  • Create a detailed after care plan so you can take all you have learned and apply it to your daily life.
  • Detox from addictive substances like sugar and flour so you no longer will be bowled over by uncontrollable cravings.
  • Be given a step by step process to navigate continued recovery and success when you leave ACORN.
  • Learn what to do if you do pick up your “alcoholic” foods again to ensure you get right back into working your recovery plan.
  • Become part of a network of people that are there to support each other 24 hours a day. This is one of the most important pieces as we absolutely cannot do this alone.
  • And most of all you will find a sense of hope knowing that you have a solution to a baffling, relentless issue.

Join us in Kissimmee, FL for our January Primary Intensive. Click here for details!

Let 2020 truly be your year to release the shackles food, body and weight obsession have had over you. You deserve it.

Food Addiction is real and we have a solution!

Peace and abstinence,