Do you need help with out of control eating or with the inability to stop eating certain foods once you’ve started? Do you spend way too much time focusing on what you’re going to eat, what you’re not going to eat or what your body weight is? Do you often have the thought, “what is wrong with me, why can’t I stop eating”? We at SHiFT all asked ourselves these questions over and over for years! Finally, we got an answer and we want to share it with you!! Actually, it is our mission at SHiFT to share all we have learned with as many people as possible so people don’t have to suffer with the relentless food/eating/body obsession that plagues millions of us.

Based on the above questions and our own personal experiences with food dependency we created, the Acorn Intensive over 25 years ago and since have supported thousands of people up and out of the depths of this brutal disorder.

Our Primary Intensive© is a 7-day structured residential treatment program for people struggling with food dependency. The Intensive includes practice using a food plan, education about the disease, challenging denial, support groups and the tools to build a strong after care program.

The goal of the Acorn Intensive is for people to walk away with a personal food plan and a structured path for long term recovery. The 7 days will include education on what food addiction really is, what the most common addictive food ingredients are, what the difference between an eating disorder, food addiction and a “normal” eater who is struggling with weight issues is and why it can be so hard to change our eating habits. It will include several process groups daily where individuals can share their stories and gain support from others that are struggling with the same issues. Having eating and weight issues causes deep shame for many of us so to be actually sitting in a room with others who are literally sharing “our” story can be incredibly liberating and freeing.

During the 7 days participants will be introduced to a food plan that has worked for thousands of people to reach a healthy body weight, stop food obsessions, be free of cravings and finally end the war with food. Participants will work with staff to create a food plan that supports their personal long-term recovery.

The program takes place in a cozy home in a residential neighborhood. During the event we have delicious home cooked meals, go on walks around the neighborhood and enjoy much laughter, joy and tears. This program has literally saved hundreds of lives and we are passionate and dedicated to each participants long term success.

Whether you know you are a food addict or not, whether you are over -weight, under-weight or a “normal weight, whether you’re in relapse or just starting on this recovery journey we can help. If food and eating has become your master we understand and we can help.

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