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Alumni Offerings

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Steps & SHiFTS

Designed to help attendees work the Twelve Steps using the therapeutic model and with support from a food addiction counselor.

This program is for those who are stuck, would like to achieve a deeper level of recovery, have yet to work the steps, or are in need of extra support.

Relapse Prevention

This program is for you if you are in recovery from food addiction and have a history of relapse, are afraid you may relapse or just want to add to your recovery tool belt. This structured 6 week program will lead you into a recovery-centered lifestyle and help you clearly identify your personal patterns of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

Codependency Program

Codependency is the #1 reason people relapse….lets face our codependence and move beyond the denial into hope, strength and recovery. This program will lead you from the agony caused by the destructive ways codependency sabotages your everyday life and relationships through to recovery and wholeness.

3 Days With SHiFT

The 3 Days With SHiFT weekend recharge is a powerful program that helps you to identify emotional and spiritual blocks to long-term abstinence and recovery. If you have trouble identifying feelings, dealing with anger, fear or grief, or surrendering to powerlessness over food, this program will give you practical skills that support putting “abstinence first” for the long haul.

ACORN Intensive

Our 7 day residential program, the Acorn Intensive, is our signature food addiction treatment program. Patterned after inpatient treatment for food dependency, this program has been successfully lifting people out of the trenches of food addiction for over 25 years. We have seen thousands of people start their journey towards freedom from food obsession in this state-of-the-art residential treatment program.

Alumni Weekends

Because recovery is a lifelong process, those who have attended our treatment programs frequently ask for a “refresher.” Our ongoing Alumni Weekends offer just that — 3 days of process groups in an abstinent setting to delve into deeper issues and strengthen our recovery.

What our alumni think of our programs

I feel so lucky to have been a part of the SHiFT step workshop. The leaders were excellent and I was able to finish 4th step work, while gaining a deeper understanding of all the steps.  It was an excellent group experience and I need to continue in order to stay abstinent during this chaotic time.


Steps & SHiFTs Alumni


Recovery Roadmap

Recovery is a life long effort and needs continuous work to be successful.

Click below to download our guide to long term recovery.