Beginning the journey of recovery from food addiction may seem daunting. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I begin?” . The SHiFT 5 Week Program (includes 7 days inpatient), our groundbreaking introductory treatment program for food addiction, gives you all the support and structure you need to get started.

If you are new to SHiFT – Recovery by Acorn, this 5-week food addiction program is mandatory for you. It is open to returning participants as well — and we highly recommend it!

The SHiFT 5 Week Program begins with our signature 7-Day Acorn Intensive for food addiction, where you will experience sobriety from addictive eating, along with an incredible new freedom.

Patterned after inpatient treatment for food dependency, this program has been successfully lifting people out of the trenches of food addiction for over 25 years. We have seen thousands of people start their journey towards freedom from food obsession in this state-of-the-art residential treatment program.

In just seven days, participants report a radical transformation in their relationship to food. They undergo detoxification from addictive foods, experience truly sober eating, and begin the recovery process of addressing underlying issues at a profound level.

The SHiFT 5 Week Program is for you whether you are:

  • unsure if you are addicted to food
  • brand-new to food sobriety
  • in relapse
  • a stable “long-timer”

We hold several SHiFT 5 Week Programs throughout the year in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Click here for the upcoming schedule of treatment programs.

Next, you will transition into your life back home with the support of the 30-Day Aftercare outpatient portion of the program. The outpatient portion of this food addiction program gives you the structure that you need in order to practice your new way of life back at home. For 30 days following the 7-Day Acorn Intensive, participants will maintain daily contact with their counselor, receive one-on-one phone coaching, and participate in weekly group aftercare sessions via online video conferencing.

If you’re ready to receive more support for your food addiction, join us to experience the SHiFT: Sobriety, Hope, Freedom, and Transformation.


The cost of the SHiFT 5 week program is $3,900 USD 

What’s Included:

Acorn Intensive (7 days)

  • 6 nights lodging at a cozy home in a residential neighborhood (extra nights can be arranged)
  • Delicious meals prepared by our personal chef
  • Daily process groups a day led by world-renowned food addiction professionals
  • Educational lectures on food addiction
  • Structured activities that support recovery (e.g. group walks)
  • Individual reading and writing assignments
  • Techniques to deal with difficult emotions
  • On-site staff that are recovering food addicts
  • A personal food plan, including detailed information and one-to-one coaching
  • Peer support and feedback from other group participants
  • A detailed aftercare plan so you can continue your recovery when you leave
  • Access to a large alumni network in stable long-term recovery

Click here to view a sample daily schedule.

30-Day Aftercare

  • Daily email check-in with food addiction counselor for 30 days
  • 4 thirty-minute one-on-one coaching sessions
  • 4 weekly online video conferencing aftercare sessions (2 hours each) with coach and fellow group participants
  • Ongoing peer support via group messaging app

Intensive Begin Time:

The residential program begins at 6:30 PM on Day One and ends at 2:00 PM on Day Seven.


Participants will stay at the program site, which is a private home in a residential neighborhood. Bedrooms will be shared by 2 or more participants.

Click here to view photos of Sugar Free Place. Sugar Free Place is an example of the residential homes where events are held.


Bradenton, Florida

If you are flying to Florida, you have two options for airports: Sarasota/Bradenton International (SRQ) or Tampa International (TPA).

SRQ is closer to the site (about a 20-minute ride), but it is a smaller airport and therefore has fewer flight options. You can catch an Uber from SRQ for about $20.

TPA is about a 1-hour drive from the site. This airport has several transportation options, including Uber/Lyft (about $75) or Airport Transporter.

Vancouver, BC

If you are flying to Vancouver, your best option is Vancouver International (YVR). As soon as you exit the airport, you will find a line-up of taxis waiting. It’s about a 30-minute ride to the site and will cost about $40.00 CAD.


All meals will be provided during the program, beginning with a snack on the first evening and ending with lunch on the final day. For those travelling long distances, we will provide food for your return trip home.

Food is prepared according to the ACORN© Food Plan, which excludes sugar, flour, caffeine and alcohol. If you have been stably abstinent on a different food plan for 30 days or more, we will accommodate your food plan to the best of our ability. Please notify us of your needs upon registration for more details.

Focusing on YOU (this is important!):

Because the complete focus of the 7-Day Residential Program is on your recovery, no outside distractions are permitted. This means NO telephone calls, TV/video/audio, e-mail, computer, or non-recovery books or activities. Please do not make commitments (e.g. job concerns) requiring outside attention during the program. Phones will be collected for safekeeping at the start of the intensive (an emergency number will be provided).

What to bring:

  • Casual, comfortable clothing and walking shoes
  • Digital food scale
  • Personal toiletries (unscented)
  • Prescription medications
  • Reusable water bottle with lid
  • Slippers
  • Rain gear (raincoat, shoes or boots)

Acorn will provide:

  • Towels, linens
  • Notebook and pen
  • Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous, travel edition)

Special Note:

In support of those with environmental sensitivities, we wish to make the meeting space as scent-free as possible. Please do not bring or use cologne, perfume, scented lotions, scented aftershave, aerosols, etc. as these products may cause reactions in some people.

Registration and Final Payment:

All participants must submit a completed registration form and a $500 deposit. Full payment is due 14 days prior to the event.

Contact Information:

For more information, please contact Raynea at the SHiFT Office: 941-378-2122 or

We look forward to seeing you and sharing in your recovery journey!

Sep 24- Oct 31, 2021SHiFT 5 Week ProgramVirtual$2,500 USD Includes Acorn Intensive (Sep 24 - Oct 1) and 30 Day Aftercare Program (Oct 1 - Oct 31)
*this program is required for those new to SHiFT. *Virtual Does not include meals and lodging.
Dec 3, 2021 - Jan 8, 2022SHiFT 5 Week ProgramVirtual$2.500 USD Includes Acorn Intensive (Dec 3 - 10) and 30 Day Aftercare Program (Dec 10, 2021 - Jan 8, 2022)
*this program is required for those new to SHiFT.
*Virtual Does not include meals and lodging.
Jan 21 - Mar 18, 2022SHiFT 8 Week ProgramKissimmee, FL$4,400 USD Includes Acorn Intensive (Jan 21 - 27) and 7 Week Aftercare Program (Jan 28 - Mar 18, 2022)
*this program is required for those new to SHiFT.
*includes meals/lodging during 7 Day Intensive