Living In Recovery

This program will offer people an opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary to begin and maintain food dependency recovery.  The “Living in Recovery” program seeks to provide a supportive and structured experience in a less restrictive and “real world” setting.

The goal of the “Living In Recovery” 3 week program will be to enable participants to take home what they practice during their stay. In addition to using the most current evidence based treatments for food addiction recovery, we will provide participants with a “real-world” environment: they will stay in a residential home, grocery shop at the local markets, prepare their own meals following their individual, abstinence-based food plans; participate in 12 Step meetings, have a daily practice of journaling and writing, as well as attend scheduled daily process groups and educational talks.

This program is for you if …
You are struggling with your abstinence and recovery.
You have strong abstinence and want to work on deeper emotional issues.
You want more help with your most difficult recovery challenges.
You have persistent blocks to long-term stable recovery.
Start DateEnd DateLocationFeeContact
November 16, 2017November 30, 2017Vancouver, B.C. TBA941-378-2122
*Specify weeks during registration.
January 25, 2018February 15, 2018Bradenton, FLTBA941-378-2122
*Specify weeks during registration.

Primary Intensive©

Primary Intensive© is a 5-day structured residential workshop experience, patterned after the first weeks of inpatient treatment for food dependency. Please Note: Price includes meals.
Start DateEnd DateCostLocationContact Details
October 6, 2017October 11, 2017$1950/$1700Bradenton, FLRaynea McCumber
November 10, 2017November 15, 2017$1950/$1700Vancouver, B.C.Raynea McCumber
December 8, 2017December 13, 2017$1950/$1700Bradenton, FLRaynea McCumber
January 19, 2018January 24, 2018$1950/$1700Bradenton, FLRaynea McCumber
February 16, 2018February 21, 2018$1950/$1700Bradenton, FLRaynea McCumber

3 Days with Phil

This is a 3-day workshop led by Phil Werdell, Co-Founder of ACORN and Director of ACORN’s professional training program. Please Note: Price does not include meals or lodging. Group is limited to 5 participants.
Start DateEnd DateCostLocationContact Details
September 23, 2017September 25, 2017$1500Greenwich, RIRaynea McCumber
October 14, 2017October 16, 2017$1500Bradenton, FLRaynea McCumber

ACORN Professional Training

This is a three-year experiential program focused on learning food addiction recovery from the inside-out, assisting experienced food addiction professionals, and developing ways to make a unique contribution to food addicts and the field of food addiction.
Start DateEnd DateCostLocationContact Details
January 19, 2018January 24, 2018$1950Bradenton, FLRaynea McCumber

Alumni Retreat/Reunion

Join us in Vancouver, B.C. for an ACORN Alumni Retreat/Reunion.

Where: Vancouver, B.C.
When: November 3 - 5, 2017 Friday evening through Sunday afternoon
Who: Open to all ACORN alumni; whether you are abstinent or not
What: A weekend of connection & recovery
Fee: $500 (USD) for ENTIRE weekend including lodging & food

Topics to include: Relapse Prevention, Steps 4 - 9 and Body Image

At this time, only 10 spots are available. For further information please contact Amanda at or 604-790-1777.

Start DateEnd DateCostLocationContact Details
November 3, 2017November 5, 1017$500Vancouver, B.C. Raynea McCumber
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