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Fundamental Concepts about Eating Disorders, Food Addiction, Food Dependency

Principles of Recovery

Principles of Recovery

Below is a list of Principles of Recovery by ACORN Food Dependency and Recovery Services. If you already have a food plan that works, i.e. one on which you have been abstinent 30 continuous days without cravings, don’t change it. If you need a food plan, find a person with strong abstinence and ask them to… Continue Reading

Flour: Addictive Substance for Food Addicts

Many food addicts are willing to give up sugar, but not flour. Paradoxically, because we believe it makes us appear “different,” and because flour has been embedded in so many foods, we may have more difficulty surrendering flour than the more obvious issue of sugar. We fear appearing “different” when we already appear very ill… Continue Reading

Sugar: Addictive Substance for Food Addicts

As food addicts, most of us find we have to pay a great deal of attention to what is in the content of the food we eat. Unlike alcoholics and drug addicts, we cannot just “stop eating.” However, we do have to surrender our binge foods and addictive eating habits as part of our recovery.… Continue Reading

Normal Eater, Emotional Eater, Food Addict

NORMAL EATER, EMOTIONAL EATER, FOOD ADDICT © NORMAL EATER (problems of obesity) EMOTIONAL EATER (eating disorders) FOOD ADDICT (chemical dependency) The Problem is Physical: Excess Weight The Problem is Physical and Emotional: Binge eating, restricting, and/or purging over feelings Unresolved trauma And possible weight issues (either over-or- underweight) The Problem is Physical and Emotional and… Continue Reading