$500 off Vancouver Aug 2 – 7 – New Rhode Island Event!

VANCOUVER, here we come!! –$500 off of your registration!
ACORN Primary Intensive
August 2 – 7

I have no words to express how grateful I feel that this event is happening in my own back yard. I remember how I felt returning home to Vancouver from my first ACORN intensive. I was at the beginning of this miraculous journey of recovery, yet I felt so alone. I dreamed of one day having a strong community in Vancouver like I had seen in Florida. Well, it is only a few short years later and my dream has come true; the recovery community in Vancouver is thriving ! We have had six ACORN Primary Intensives in the last two years with 57 people attending. Of those, my estimate is that over 30 of them are abstinent today. What a miracle!! That is over a 60% recovery rate – a percentage that is unheard of in the recovery world.

Let’s keep this going and support as many people as we possibly can to get out from under the devastating effects of food dependency. I am personally committed to letting as many people as possible know that they, too, can live a life free from food, eating & body obsession and that a life free of shame, self-loathing and limiting beliefs is possible. Are you with me on this? If so, please pass this on to anyone you feel may benefit from the work we do at the ACORN Primary Intensive.

By the way, we are offering a huge end-of-summer discount of $500 off the August Primary Intensive. This is a one-time discount. Please contact Raynea at 941-378-2122 or rmccumber@foodaddiction.com for more details.

From the West Coast to the East Coast, we are heading to New England!

We have added another event to our ACORN 2017 calendar! It’s happening in Rhode Island September 22 – 24, 2017

This will be an amazing 3 days full of recovery, abstinence, and process work. I am honored and excited to be facilitating this event and look forward to meeting and serving our East Coast alumni.

Anyone interested in attending, and who would like to connect with me personally before the event, please feel free to reach out to me at 604-790-1777 or amanda.molly@hotmail.com

Upcoming Events: 

July 14 – 16 – 3-Days with Phil – Bristol, VT – ONE SPACE AVAILABLE
August 2 – 7 – Primary Intensive – Vancouver, B.C.
September 22 – 24 – 3-Days with Phil – Homewood, IL
September 22 – 24 – 3-Days with ACORN – Greenwich, RI
October 6 – 11 – Primary Intensive – Bradenton, FL

Weekly Teleconference “Nuts & Bolts”

Please join us Wednesday evenings for recovery support.
This no-cost abstinence support group is open to all. Led by Sherri Goodman, professional trainee. thereveals@frontier.com
Wednesdays at 7 pm (EST.)
Conference call in number:
(605) 468-8002
Access Number 1014962#